Maritime careers are changing as open communication channels and organizations are being prioritized more than even due to increased regulations. This increase in technology is providing seafarers with new methods to find jobs on outsourced vessels all around the world. This is due to integrated recruiting.  The concept of using integrated technology to find employment is far from new.  The maritime industry has embraced integrated technology by it taking the inefficient and uncertain process of traditional recruitment systems, refines them, and combines them into one seamless space. Integrated systems allow for more opportunities for seafarers as they are not bound by the information and resources that they know of, and instead have access to all recruitment resources from around the globe, including some which might have previously been unknown to them.

Martide is an integrated platform that allows for both seafarers and vessels to create profiles and have access to each other’s information in order to find the ideal candidate for a vacant position. Seafarers are able to search opportunities, filtering positions based on their expertise, rank, and other qualifications, and quickly and efficiently find a ship. Additional filters allow for positions be refined by vessel type, salary range, employer, and a variety of other factors. All the necessary information about a seafarer is put in their profile, as well as supporting documentation such as proof of vaccinations and medical examinations, which means that there is no awkward or hasty scramble to collect and send documents every time there is a work opportunity.

Documents are uploaded to a profile allowing for information to be quickly and easily updated. Martide also assists with integrated flight and travel planning for seafarers once they have found their position, so every task can be achieved through this website. Seafarers can use this integrated tool to manage all aspects of their employment with the full support of the Martide team, who can be reached through LinkedIn and Facebook.On top of increasing opportunities for employment and ease of use, Martide is also free to use for seafarers meaning there are no barriers keeping anyone from finding their opportunity at sea. Visit Martide online to build your free profile.