You can't simply rely on the best talent applying organically anymore - to be successful long term you have to be proactive, targeting the candidates that are a great fit for your company and building a relationship. Using multiple systems which carry information that forms your recruitment pipe line can drastically slow this process.

If you're looking to move to a more proactive recruiting model, talent pipelines should be a critical part of your strategy. As with any new concept though, there's a lot of confusion around the best way to draw up and implement a talent pipe lining strategy. So with that in mind, we've put together everything that your company needs to know about talent pipelines.

What is a talent pipeline?

A concept that's well established in the sales and marketing sphere, in the talent context a pipeline is a collection of candidates that are engaged and can be contacted when you relevant roles are created.

It's "relationship-centric" recruiting at its best. Instead of searching for candidates that fit an immediate need, talent pipe lining requires you to build relationships with passive talent for future opportunities.

Developing a talent pipeline requires a company to shift from reactive to proactive recruiting. This can be a daunting task but with the right type of software in place this will be easier to implement. With this tactic, customizing the pipeline depending on your wants and needs at that time will allow for less time wasted implementing unnecessary steps.

What difference does this make?

Successfully sourcing the right seafarer is not just a case of filling vacancies; it’s about anticipating future challenges and being ready to meet them. The most important aspect of managing your candidate pipeline is maintaining good relationships. You already know your candidates and, most importantly, they know and trust you. The benefits are huge, but the process is simple: plan ahead, search proactively and make an effort to engage with candidates one-on-one. With an active candidate pipeline, you always have the top talent in your sights – putting you one step ahead when it comes to recruiting.