Seafarer management is an integral part of the maritime industry and is changing rapidly in the face of digitization. Digitization provides significant benefits to recruiting, creating a system that is set up for maximum efficiency. Using a cloud system for recruitment management allows for a quick access point and optimal viewing of vessel portfolios and vacancies without duplication. Integrated systems have proven to reduce the cost and time of recruiting by 20% over traditional recruitment methods.


The Martide system allows for seafarers and companies from all around the world access to a secure method of connecting with each other based on their specific needs and rank. There is also the option to use filters to directly cater to your exact needs by refining searches of vessel vacancies and seafarers. For example, there is no need to look through the profiles of engineers or electricians if you’re looking for an officer as the system allows for specific search parameters to be used. All necessary documents can be uploaded to the system, in one convenient location for viewing along within the same platform. Profiles are clear and consistent for easy comparison as well, so there is no room for mismanagement, as you can be confident that you are getting the best possible partnership for your needs.

Integrated Systems

Martide’s integrated system brings together both new and established recruiting agents, social media channels, and HR recruitment systems into one seamless system. This does not do away with the legacy recruitment systems, but in fact, improves upon them and allows for the outsourcing of a vessel with a single source. By bringing together all these systems, vessel owners and seafarers can view workers and positions that they might have missed otherwise. No opportunity will go unrealized. Training suppliers and manning agents are also brought together using one system. Martide audits suppliers throughout the world, removing this cost entirely for vessel owners. All aspects of recruiting for a vessel are brought together into one cohesive space, allowing for the utilization of all available resources without having to navigate through multiple channels. The maritime industry relies on organization, so the recruitment process should reflect this.

If you haven’t considered using an integrated management system, now is the perfect time. Visit Martide and request a demo ship owners and managers. Martide is always free for seafarers and the app is also available for both IOS and Android users.