What is an ATS and how can it help you get a job?

ATS defined

Applicant tracking system software (ATS) provides structure to the recruitment process by collecting and sorting resumes all based on predefined keywords. This means that an employer will have chosen keywords connected to the open positions that they expect candidates to use within their resume.

Why do employers do this?

Most employers implement some form of a tracking system to collect the right candidates for the job. If there is high demand for a certain position, then your resume may not even make it to the employer without the correct formatting. In theory, these systems should automatically highlighting top candidates.This saves employers time in dealing with applicants that do not have the necessary skills for the position.

Format your application

If you have a resume that you are using to apply for multiple jobs, stop doing this immediately. It is not 'one size fits all' when it comes to applying for jobs.

Research the job you are applying for - it is always obvious when a candidate has not done this. Make sure you are referencing skills you have that match the requirements of the open position.

Reference the job description - do not waste time, effort and space on your resume with work experience that is not relevant to the position.

Keywords - follow the link above for a detailed description of keywords to use when creating a resume. You want your resume to pass through the ATS. This will also increase search-ability.

Minimal text - allow the ATS or the hiring agent to quickly understand the level of experience you have. A text-heavy resume with multiple pages can be missed within an ATS if it is not clear and well formatted.

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