Going digital is no longer an option in today's climate, however, it is important to consider which technologies to invest in, as there can be different time and cost benefits depending on the resources that you choose to use. Digitalization benefits the way businesses are run as it allows for more organized and efficient planning for every aspect of operation. Technology is a benefit for all industries, and makes once tedious autonomous tasks simple and manageable. Technology does not need to be a frightening unknown entity if you know the right places to look for the best tools.

Industry Specific

The maritime industry is currently experiencing a shift in the use of technology for communication and connection. Therefore it is important that seafarers and vessel owners take advantage of these new digital opportunities to stay relevant and competitive in the changing market.Technology is being used by all members of the maritime industry, including seafarers on the vessel and those on shore. Keeping vessels and crew in order is no longer as hands-on as it once was, as it can now be managed remotely.

This allows for a more efficient process and easier sharing of information between crew members and vessel managers. Sharing information with ease allows for quick changes to be made based on the data provided on the vessel's success, saving time and money.The set up of the vessel is optimized using technology as data, documentation, and recruitment are all available through integrated systems. Everything can be shared using a cloud system, so all necessary parties can gain access to the same uniform information. Digitalization also provides connection on a global scale.

The Martide platform

Martide is an online crewing software specially developed to connect ship-owners, managers and seafarers. Martide's crewing system ensures real-time updates via a web based platform for Crew and Fleet Management; a unified recruitment process for each manning agents. Connect with a number of international manning agents with only one contract and shift focus from administering the process to selecting and recruiting the most suitable candidates

Martide allows for profiles of vessels and seafarers to be searched for and shared based on their experience. The platform also brings together multiple new and existing tools into one space which allows for more efficient recruiting and document sharing within any maritime organisation that manage.

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