The maritime industry is developing at a much faster pace moving away from the more traditional practices. With the indulgence of new tech and modern ways of shipping, the Maritime Industry is crossing oceans at a much faster rate. Today we see IoT in almost everything from smart homes to cars so there is no doubt that it has also touched the shores of the shipping industry as well.

With IoT being expanded everywhere, AI is becoming of everything and can be found everywhere. People are touching moons with deep learning algorithms and  lakhs of the data that has been stored for decades. As shipping is one of the oldest means of transportation we can say that this database is nothing less than in lakhs. This amount of enormous database is now very smartly being used in the Maritime industry to reach new heights. Here are 5 ways how Artificial intelligence has touched the waterways.

Estimated arrival

Automation and artificial intelligence have helped in the prediction of arrival that was previously just based on the informed schedule. In case of any changes, the port can now be informed about it beforehand to have any necessary arrangements made. This also helps in informing other ships of any accidents or risks on the path. It is useful for recording trends and minimizing risks in the ports.

2. Predicting events

Based on past events, patterns can be predicted and also created. A huge database is created of all the past events. These events may include accidents, taken paths, seasonal change. Looking at these data, we can predict weather patterns and busy or slow shipping seasons. This information will be especially helpful to plan the route or in building the road map for a huge task that is hugely dependent on the time is taken for transportation.

3. Predicating mishaps

Using AI in management helps in managing against disasters by utilizing the information gathered. When a ship passes through a region it can witnesses and record certain occurrences in the area. These occurrences could cause huge problems for future ships that may cross the area or can be useful for places that the threat may reach in the future. These AI equipped ships will help to convey these messages to the concerned places for them to be prepared and help them overcome any issues. For example, a tsunami in the Pacific Ocean will be informed to neighboring laces to be aware.

4. Reducing the use of fuel

AI is used by ships to monitor the movement and to manipulate it’s functioning. This smart use of technology is helping in reducing fuel consumption by smartly using fuel. It also helps in keeping a check on the maintenance cost as well.

5. Better user Interference

The modern AI equipped ships are becoming smarter and human interference is improving day by day. Speech recognition is already being used to control the ship and give it commands. This is making the lives of the people on board easier as now they no longer have to go through the pain of going through long procedures to have a command over the ship.