The shipping industry has always played an important role in expanding trades across countries. It has been the most efficient mode of transportation for bulk materials across continents. With a growing population, the need for greater transportation is also increasing. This exponential increase in export and import has to be regulated on a much larger scale than before.

With the increase in the use of technology, the shipping industry has significantly improved. Apart from the shipping itself, it is also beneficial for education and training purposes. Here is a list of 4 reasons why tech is important for the Maritime Industry.

1. Automation

Almost every industry is taking the help of automated robots. The robots do not get tired or take rest and have a reduced risk for errors. There are many activities like packing, delivering, inspection that is repetitive and if done by a robot would be much more effective. The size and the weights of the robots can be managed and manipulated today.

Also, automated ships are gaining huge popularity in transporting without much human involvement. These ships reduce human labor to a huge number.

2. Huge Database

With the exponential increase in the shipping industry, there are data such as GPS, data acquired by sensing and many others that are stored in ships. With the help of technology, the data can be stored in the cloud and shared with all the ships. With sharing data, IoT would be implemented into ships and this would, in turn, result in better customer service. The customers would now be aware of the departure and arrival time and other information as per requirements.

3. Reducing Carbon Footprints

We all know that ships consume a mammoth amount of fuel. Bringing technology to improve the mechanism to make the ships more efficient will be beneficial for the ecosystem. Designing the ships and using the materials that are eco-friendly will play a huge role in reducing the carbon footprints on this earth.

Building lightweight materials such as fibers to build the ships will help to reduce pollution. Also making them by not compromising on the hazards that can be caused by the fire is where leading technology plays a vital role.

Also, making the port time efficient by managing the ships properly will reduce the waiting time for ships further reducing the pollution.

4. Education

Technology also plays a major role in the education of the Maritime industry. Students can now have access to the courses at any place of the world. Also, they can have a personalized tutor and have the flexibility to work and study in whichever timezone suited.

AR and VR headsets can also be used to train the students even before entering a ship. The whole experience can be given to the trainees beforehand and as it is personal they can use it as many times as per their need.