"The water has an ocean of opportunities for you."

Yes, it is true. There is an ocean of lucrative job opportunities in the ocean aka Maritime industry. If you seek adventure and want to explore new places along with great remuneration, and fun then this industry is just the right career choice for you.

You are you still worried if you are not qualified enough? There are a variety of job opportunity as well it ranges from a different level of skill and education qualification.

Here we have listed out some advantages working in the maritime industry that will make you want to ditch work on land and pack your bags and dive into the ocean of opportunities.

1. Your job is an adventure

As we have already discussed, working in the Maritime industry allows you to visit exotic places and to live the "blogger" lifestyle. One month you are in India and the next, another location half way across the world. It can be the best career option for people who want to travel the world and meet new people. You get to taste various authentic cuisines from around the world and explore new boundaries. Traveling while working is a dream for many and if you are in this industry your dream has come true.

2. Salaries and other benefits

As this job demands a lot of your time staying away from home and family the salaries are very good. The salary varies depending on your level of education and training. Also, this can come with additional perks of medical & dental aid, transportation, meals, fully or partly paid accommodation and also transportation from home to the port of call. Although this may again vary from agency to agency these are some of the benefits that the people working in this industry usually get.

3. Living conditions

Extra work means extra pay! There can be a lot of overtime work which also means the option of more pay. And also a little extra work does not hurt as it also helps you stay fit. Also, you get a lot more vacations than any average job and can sometimes be 2 weeks a month.

4. Making new connections

As you know living basically in seas makes you travel a lot and every other day you are in a new place and a new country. You can meet different people from different background and ethnicity. You can learn about different cultures. Most importantly you can make new connections which can always be helpful in the future.

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